Valverde, the undisputed future of Real Madrid: Ancelotti’s beloved midfielder

Submitted by on Sep 8, 2021

At Real Madrid there is no doubt Fide Valverde. Compared with last season or a month ago, Uruguayan players are still as important as the club, or even more important. At that time, he had not entered the white team of Camavenga, and his signing was not even considered as seriously as now. In the final stage of the market.

In the past few hours, there have been cross-reports and rumors that the French football player may become a hindrance or obstacle to the Uruguayan midfielder, but this is not the case. Both are Real Madrid’s present and future, and both are aimed at creating success for white entities in the next decade.

This is how the club communicates, and this is the feeling of players who have just signed a contract extension to 2027. With his courage, dedication and his Madridism, Feder succeeded in winning white fans because they felt that they were a lucky person again, wearing shorts every Sunday to defend their shields, but to touch the ball and the grass.

They know that in Real Madrid, this is why they want to take care of and keep Fader, like a rough diamond, which is expected to bring great happiness to fans. At this time, the Uruguayan is already one of the best in the world in terms of his position and work. He is the team’s penalty area. He can appear in any corner of the stadium, appearing and becoming the key.

In addition, Real Madrid not only consider Valverde to be a future player, but also a current player, which is why they respect him very much. It is not a hope, nor a project, although it is young, it is a perfect reality that grows bigger with the passage of time and the weight of experience.

If in high positions they are happy with the performance, professionalism, and dedication of a humble boy like Feder, then they are even more attractive on the bench. Carlo Ancelotti (Carlo Ancelotti) has fallen in love with this “bird”, he has regarded it as a basic part of his plan.

Currently, the Italian coach is giving him a prominent position of ownership, and in some cases, giving him control of the team, especially in the absence of Modric. The Uruguayan knows how to use his moment in the absence of the Croatian and Kroos and Ceballos, and is leaving a very high-level game.

Ancelotti came up with the idea of ​​highlighting Isco and making room for Odego who is no longer here, but Valverde stole his heart and used his physical ability, his waste and his The tactical positioning fascinated him, its advantages in cutting and driving. He is a player everyone wants to have and can free the coach and the team from many problems.

Now “Carletto” wants to reintegrate players like Marco Asensio into the inside. Valverde is giving them all a master on how to take action at every moment of the game and every area on the field. class. In addition to this, he also added his speed, his endurance, his riding, his passion, his madness and his arrival. No one can rule out that Feder will win the starting position with Casemiro, Kroos and Modric ready and is one of the top players to pay the Ducks.

Ancelotti is very happy and the club believes in his possibilities. Feder has nothing to worry about his present and future. They are all suitable, including Kamawenga, who will come to learn, grow and strengthen the midfielder, but will not eclipse Feder Valverde. In addition, he has won his lead with his outstanding level.

In fact, Ancelotti now has a lucky problem. Despite the casualties, he can choose all types of people to form a competitive midfielder. In a market where there is no hope for big moves, Kamavenga fishing is big news, all of which is to unite him with players like Feder, who will lead the media for the next ten years.

The Frenchman’s signing was not the result of impulse, because his youth and talent have always been on the list in the future, but this is the right time to give Paris Saint-Germain a blow in the market. There is a lot of room for both, especially after Odegaard leaves. Others like Ceballos or Sergio Arribas have also recently been renovated and will enjoy the opportunity and time for completeness, balance and long-term core throughout the course.Browse www.

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